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London Vintage Luggage
is the first website to stock "buy-it-now" Vintage Luggage and Other Collectables online. 

We are here to supply anyone who desires some Genuine Antique Luggage that has been fully restored to its former glory. All types of luggage and various vintage collectables on our site are in stock and ready for you to click and buy.

We ship worldwide, and accept payment via secure PayPal or Credit & Debit card. Your item will be delivered directly to your door.

Welcome to Vintage Luggage Heaven

Wallets, Purses & Folders - Out of stock
Cigar Cases & Boxes - Out of stock
Jewellery Boxes - Out of stock
Hip Flasks - Out of stock
Collar/Stud Boxes - Out of stock

 Measuring Tapes - Out of stock

Cameras/Binoculars - Out of stock
Photo Frames - Out of stock
Antique Wooden Boxes - Out of stock
Ladies Handbags - Out of stock




Suitcases & Attaché Cases * Steamer Trunks * Briefcases/Satchels

Hunting & Shooting Vintage Inspired Bespoke Trunks  Hatboxes & Vanity Cases *
Luxury Travel Accessories  Branded & Designer Gladstone Bags *

Reproduction Luggage Labels Sporting Items  Non-Luggage Antiques *


All the Items listed on our site are genuinely old and restored unless otherwise stated. Items can be bought and paid for securely with a credit or debit card